Class #1C Assignments Due 6/23/2020

  1. Text: read chapters 4, 5 and 6 (pages 23-48)
  2. Website: Read posts on for Class #2 (when posted)
  3. Business Plan:
    1. Create a folder on your computer for this class using a name such as “LPM 2020”
    2. Create a new Word file in that folder using your last name and the date in this format: “[only your last name; not first name] Business Plan Assignment 1C [date]. Here is an example: Smith Business Plan Assignment 1C 6-19-2020.pdf
    3. Begin drafting your mock Business Plan by listing its contents in outline form in the Word document (you will add to this later as we go through the course);  the plan should be in the form of a business plan (with title and page numbering) and table of contents, such as text pages 206-207, so that you are looking ahead to the other sections that you will include in the plan (by listing future sections now in the table of contents).
    4. Then write in your mock Business Plan the decisions you made in class breakout sessions today and briefly describe the reasons for each (firm size, firm name, etc.)
    5. Email your draft Business Plan as a PDF attachment (not a Word file and not a link to OneDrive) to


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