Class #1A Introduction 6/17/2020

Text Chapters to Read Before Class: Chapters 1, 2 and 3 (pages 1-21), and sample business plan in Appendix (pages 205-214)

Professor Martin’s Bio: Here is some background information about your professor on his law practice website and in Stetson Law Hall of Fame video: James W. Martin, P.A. website and Stetson Law Hall of Fame Video

An Interesting Video: I ran across this video from ten years ago in the midst of the Great Recession, and I think it’s relevant to our circumstances today, even though the London barrister is talking about a different law practice management text: Practice Management Handbook

Article by Professor Martin: Here is an article I wrote regarding how lawyers in practice are essentially solo even if they work for a large law firm: All Lawyers Are Solos Aren’t We, published in ALI CLE The Practical Lawyer, Aug 2015

ABA Resources for Law Practice Management: For the last 50 years the leaders in law practice management have come from Florida, California, New York, Texas and Utah, among other states, and their work product appeared in publications of the American Bar Association. Here are some ABA resources to become familiar with for law practice management:

The Florida Bar Resources for Law Practice Management: Florida lawyers are leaders in technology for law practice. It would not surprise you to know that the original PC was created in Florida by IBM, and Florida lawyers used it to create systems for the practice of law that are still in use today in updated platforms. The Florida Bar supported law practice management by creating the Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS) forty years ago, which recently transitioned to a web version known as Legal Fuel, which is here: The Florida Bar Practice Resource Institute (LegalFuel)

Florida Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct: Ethics surround the practice of law. Were it not for them, an MBA would be enough for any lawyer to practice law. But, as a profession, the courts have established rules that we must follow, and we must read them and apply them to the business side of the practice of law every minute of every day. So, here they are: Florida Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct

Florida Statutes Governing Law Practice: Of course, the Florida Legislature has adopted laws to prevent the practice of law by nonlawyers so you should read it here: Florida Statutes Ch. 454 Attorneys at Law

Current Blogs for Lawyers Regarding Law Practice Management: It’s always good to know what others lawyers are doing. You will not find a more sharing group of people. Perhaps there is a bit of competitiveness in all lawyers, and what better way to compete than to show what you’ve done and what you can do and how technology can be applied to the practice of law, and gee whiz look at my new device (for your early adopters). Here are some useful blogs for law practice management:

Venn Diagram Law Practice Direction Aid: List all of the things you think you will “like” to do as a lawyer in one set, all of the things you think you will be “good” at doing as a lawyer in another set, and all of the things you can get “paid” to do as a lawyer in the last set. Where they overlap is where you may find a sustainable law practice.

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