Breakout Sessions

During each class, breakout sessions will allow students to work together on law practice management issues by applying concepts presented in the text, lectures, and class discussion.

Breakout groups will vary from week to week.

This is similar to one way that practicing lawyers learn practice techniques from other lawyers: informally at bar meetings and seminars, during breakout sessions, and at meals.

In addition, this helps students form an informal network for possible future referrals and mentoring with their law school cohort.

Each student will create a Word or Excel file to take notes during the breakout session.

At the end of the class, each student will save their file as a PDF named with their last name, the word Notes, and the date (e.g., Smith Notes 2020.06.24), and email it to as an attachment (not as a link to OneDrive and not as a Word or Excel file).


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